We did our very best for Heart and from the moment she stepped off the trailer and onto our rescue farm, our priority was rehabilitating the beautiful girl. After many tests and visits from the vet it turned out that Heart not only tested positive for having the infectious strangles disease but also having a fractured cannon bone. While the contagiousness of the disease and its effects were gradually decreasing, the fractured cannon bone was causing Heart immense pain and she could hardly walk without stumbling. Therefore, the only way to spare Heart from the increasing pain was to have her euthanized. It was a very difficult decision to make because we want to rehabilitate every single rescue that comes onto our farm. We had to face the inconsolable reality that not every abused and neglected horse can be rehabilitated back into the beautiful animal God created it to be. All that matters is that we, the rescue and its supporters, did our best to show Heart love during the time we had with her. Today, we can confidently say that before Heart went to be at peace, she felt loved. We thank you for your support, and Heart thanks your for your support. Now she is forever at peace. Don't Cry for the Horses - Heart, we did our best

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