WBOC’s Delmarva Life Visits Halo’s Haven Rescue

On Monday, March 23rd, WBOC’s DelmarvaLife made a special trip to Halo’s Haven Rescue to visit the newly rescued Valentine as well as the other horses on the farm. Field Correspondent and Host of DelmarvaLife, Sean Streicher, spoke with Michelle Louis about how the rescue finds its horses, how the horses are rehabilitated, the progress of Valentine, and how followers and supporters can get involved with the rescue. The interview was absolutely magnificent and we were glad to inform the public on horse slaughter as well as how neglected and abused horses can be successfully rehabilitated. Thank you again to all our supporters and followers. We would not be able to carry out the mission of “Helping Us Help Them” or “Providing Sanctuary” without your support. Here is a link to the interview:http://www.delmarvalife.com/show/halos-haven-rescue-aims-to-rehabilitate-horses/



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