Please help our rescue horse have surgery









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Halo’s Haven Rescue now offers sanctuary Pony excursion for donation

Halo’s Haven Rescue now offers a sanctuary pony excursion. The excursion is offered for a donation of $400.00 to the Rescue to help with the Pony and other rescues Veterinarian, Farrier and Feed costs.

The experience includes:

a) The story surrounding Halo’s Haven Rescue
b) The story of the rescue Pony
c) Grooming of the rescue Pony
d) Saddling and Riding the Pony

The experience will be for a maximum of 5 children and last for 2 hours. Halo’s Haven Rescue is a 501c3 Non-Profit so your donation will be tax deductible.

We look forward to seeing you at the farm!


Halo’s Haven Rescue
Buddy Story Rescue of a Pony from the Killpenchment wp-att-224″>_DSC0039

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WBOC’s Delmarva Life Visits Halo’s Haven Rescue

On Monday, March 23rd, WBOC’s DelmarvaLife made a special trip to Halo’s Haven Rescue to visit the newly rescued Valentine as well as the other horses on the farm. Field Correspondent and Host of DelmarvaLife, Sean Streicher, spoke with Michelle Louis about how the rescue finds its horses, how the horses are rehabilitated, the progress of Valentine, and how followers and supporters can get involved with the rescue. The interview was absolutely magnificent and we were glad to inform the public on horse slaughter as well as how neglected and abused horses can be successfully rehabilitated. Thank you again to all our supporters and followers. We would not be able to carry out the mission of “Helping Us Help Them” or “Providing Sanctuary” without your support. Here is a link to the interview:



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Star Democrat Visits Halo’s Haven Rescue

The Star Democrat made a visit to Halo’s Haven Rescue last week and wrote an incredible article about the progress of the newly rescued Valentine, as well as some general information about the rescue and horse slaughter. Our goal as a horse rescue is to both rehabilitate neglected animals and inform the general public about the reality of horse neglect, abuse, and slaughter in the United States. We would not be able to carry out our mission without our awesome followers and supporters. Thank you for “Helping Us Help Them” and “Providing Sanctuary” to animals in need. Here is the link to the article:

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We did our very best for Heart and from the moment she stepped off the trailer and onto our rescue farm, our priority was rehabilitating the beautiful girl. After many tests and visits from the vet it turned out that Heart not only tested positive for having the infectious strangles disease but also having a fractured cannon bone. While the contagiousness of the disease and its effects were gradually decreasing, the fractured cannon bone was causing Heart immense pain and she could hardly walk without stumbling. Therefore, the only way to spare Heart from the increasing pain was to have her euthanized. It was a very difficult decision to make because we want to rehabilitate every single rescue that comes onto our farm. We had to face the inconsolable reality that not every abused and neglected horse can be rehabilitated back into the beautiful animal God created it to be. All that matters is that we, the rescue and its supporters, did our best to show Heart love during the time we had with her. Today, we can confidently say that before Heart went to be at peace, she felt loved. We thank you for your support, and Heart thanks your for your support. Now she is forever at peace. Don't Cry for the Horses - Heart, we did our best

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HELP Rescued Horses in Need

Thank you for Helping Us Help Them! Heart and Valentine continue to receive round the clock care. We are waiting for the veterinarian to return this afternoon to administer the 2nd shot of antibiotics and do more blood work. They are receiving electrolytes and soaked feed, we are doing all we can to get them to eat. We are seeing improvements in Valentine. Heart and Valentine’s will to survive is strong and they have touched our hearts with their gentle spirit as we help them through their struggles. Please share this post to Help Us Help Them – your donations are appreciated in helping with ongoing medical costs and care. Thank you for your support

Heart & Valentine receive constant care

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Halo’s Haven rescues two new horses bound for slaughter

On Valentines Day, Halo’s Haven Rescue successfully rescued two slaughter-bound horses at an auction in New Jersey. Thanks to the help of our closest supporters we were able to rescue these horses just in time, as their health conditions quickly worsened during and after their transportation from New Jersey to Maryland. “Heart”, the appaloosa, came to us with a high fever, coughing, yellow snot, upper respiratory infection, and bad rain rot. Her fever has since subsided as well as her coughing, but she is far from healthy. “Valentine” came to us with similar issues. Upon arrival we noticed that she had a very full coat of hair on her body. However, we soon discovered that her full coat was only hiding her extremely frail body and rib cage; evidence of neglect and starvation. We are giving them around the clock care to help them overcome the extreme hardships, neglect, and abuse they have faced. Please. Help us Help them. HeartValentine

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Please watch Video of Bonnnie and sheep friends

Bonnie needs all her friends to help her get her day in court!

Justice for all that are neglected.  The voiceless need your voice.  Please take a moment to sign Bonnie’s petition so her voice will be heard in court…

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Halo’s Haven Rescue Contacts Animal Legal Defense Fund

We hope to get some direction  from experts in the law field who will care about the outcome of Bonnie’s case. She not only represents herself but others that  are in the same position. Voiceless but not hopeless in our care.. Please support this effort.. We know it takes many caring people to make a change. It is not just one pony it is many animals that need a voice.

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Halo’s Haven Rescue cupcakes sales

Halo’s Haven Rescue had a great time yesterday in the town of St.Michaels selling cupcakes Thanks to volunteers and my children it was a great success. We spread the word of Bonnie’s story. We feel Bonnie ‘s story has a great purpose. We need someone with a great following like Wendy Diamond who is a huge animal lover to spread the word so many others could hear NEGLECT will not tolerated . It was a great pleasure meeting her yesterday and giving her the information about Bonnie. Animals are voiceless ,Please do what ever you can to help this poor pony get JUSTICE.

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